If I've not worked for you before and you need my help then please contact me – Kirsty – in the first instance by email to arrange a no obligation call or meeting.

If you are an agency and would like me to come and work on-site please try and book me as early as possible, otherwise I'm likely to be unavailable when you need me. It is possible to make provisional bookings which means you will have first refusal if someone else wants the same dates. Provisional bookings can be cancelled without charge.

On-site bookings are charged at a flat rate for 7.5hrs of work. Let me know if I need to bring in my own MacBook Pro laptop, otherwise I will assume you have equipment on-site for me to use.

If you are a business and would like help with a particular job, or an agency that doesn't need me to work on-site, then I can supply a no obligation estimate once we've had a chat about your requirements.